Doodle Puppies for sale in Knoxville Tennessee

Lilly and Bro are the proud parents of eight (8) beautiful new puppies!


Lilly is a 5 year old F1B Labradoodle — very smart, loving and gentle. Apricot ringlet coat, 40 pounds, brown nose/pads — and hazel eyes to die for! ¬†Bro is a 3 year old F2 Goldendoodle — full of life, cuddly, and super friendly. Soft, wavy black coat, 75 pounds, black nose/pads — and devastatingly handsome!


So … Lilly and Bro’s eight puppies¬†are DoubleDoodles (A.K.A. North American Retrievers) — a perfect mix of three breeds famous for intelligence, gentle behavior, and athleticism.


The puppies live in Knoxville, Tennessee.